Advice from a Tree

My amazing receptionist Jenna came to me yesterday with a quote she had found on the web. She put it up on our chalkboard in the front of the clinic, and right away patients were expressing how much they liked it. So I thought it would be great to share this little quote with you, and hope that its simplicity speaks to all of you in the same way it spoke to us at the clinic. As far as I can tell, this is an excerpt from a poem of the same title by Ilan Shamir.

Advice from a Tree:

* Stand tall and proud

* Go out on a limb

* Remember your roots

* Drink plenty of water

* Be content with your natural beauty

* Enjoy the view!

We all get so caught up in the everyday, and sometimes it’s hard to remember what we need to do and how to get through this trip called life. Just a simple reminder of how we can approach the journey. Great words to live by!


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