Sana Health Centre is hosting our Grand Opening!

Sana Health Centre is hosting our Grand Opening!

On February 7th, from 6:00 – 9:00 please join us to celebrate the opening of our clinic!



This time of year, people are always making New Year’s Resolutions to get into better shape and to lose weight. While diet plays a huge role in being able to achieve these goals, exercise is a key component that often gets neglected or isn’t done correctly. Exercise maintains metabolism to allow for continued weight loss, and as such becomes extremely important. It will also help to build muscle mass, and tone up the body.

The key to effective exercising is to include some weight training in your routine. Many people only do cardio or aerobic activity. The most recent research in exercise and weight management has really shown the importance of doing weight training, and it is demonstrating that weight training and muscle work may even be more important than cardio in losing weight and getting in shape. Weight bearing activities are also extremely important in maintaining muscle mass and supporting healthy bones. However, there are lots of people who are hugely intimidated by weight training. People think they’re going to become huge and muscle bound. Or they don’t want to pump iron in front of all the weight lifters at the gym, having to wipe their sweat off the machine before they can use it. So for all of you who need a little help getting into weight training, I really like exercise bands. They provide gentle resistance so they aren’t dangerous to do on your own in the comfort of your home (so you don’t have to worry about moving weightlifters’ shakes off of machines). Different colours represent different tensions, so you can increase the resistance as you develop muscle mass. They also do a great job of working out the main muscle but also all the supporting muscles of a particular joint which adds to increased stability in the joints and better muscle development and toning.

To get some starter ideas on various exercises you can do with bands, check out this website:

YouTube also has tons of videos and tips. Always make sure with a healthcare practitioner that you’re able to begin a new exercise regime, and if you are still confused and have questions, come in and talk to us!

Simple Detox Drink!

Try out this great tasting, mildly detoxifying drink.  Image

Add lemon slices, cucumber slices and mint to water.  Let it steep overnight and enjoy!

Lemon is very mildly detoxifying to the liver, and cucumber is a mild diuretic, as well as being wonderful at rehydrating.  Mint adds a great flavour to the water, and can help with digestion.

This is a simple, safe and easy way to ease yourself into cleansing out the system after the holiday season.

Happy New Year!

As a Naturopathic Doctor, I often feel that resolutions happen on an everyday basis and don’t need to be reserved strictly for the New Year. Any time a patient walks into my office, they are reaffirming their resolution to better health. That being said, there definitely is something to be said for feeling like you are starting with a fresh slate the minute the calendar turns to January 1st. So, in the spirit of resolution, I have decided to become more social, or at least more involved in social media and the technological world that exists today.

Those of you that know me know that this isn’t necessarily something that comes easily to me (flashback 2012: Blackberry on a 1G network that was completely chewed up by my gorgeous puppy Penny and had no visible screen that I lived with for almost a month before finally upgrading to an iPhone. 4G baby, ya!) Anyways, I have come to realize and accept that using the internet and social media is a great way to pass along interesting tips and information, and a way for you to get to know me better. And I suppose a way to stay connected, though I’ll never agree that social media outweighs a great conversation over a cup of tea in front of a fire place! So I am dragging myself slowly but surely out of the dark ages and entering the realm of Facebook, Twitter, weekly blogging (I hope!) and a monthly newsletter. Also, an updated website will be launched within the next 2 weeks (finally!) It’s a scary place for me, but a place that I have come to see as being a worthwhile endeavour.

My first post is introducing you to my wonderful new clinic, Sana Health Centre.

ImageIt was a long time in coming, and we have definitely faced some challenges along the way since opening on June 18th, 2012, but the clinic is finally up and running the way I want it to be, and I’m so excited to welcome you to my space.

For previous and existing patients, we will be having a Grand Opening celebration with champagne and hors d’oeuvres, prizes and a ribbon cutting ceremony on Thursday, February 7th. Just our way to celebrate this endeavour and to say thank you for your continued support. I’m so excited to see you all! Check your mailbox and inbox for more details!

Feel free to drop in any time for some tea and a chat and to check the new place out.

You can find us at 110 Ansley Grove Rd., in Woodbridge. Our number is 905-265-0144 and our website is

Stay tuned for my post next Wednesday, and be sure to check out our website in the next few days and sign up for our monthly newsletter. Like us on Facebook too!